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The Information found on this page is generally available news that can be found of the cannabis and hemp industries. The information on this page is not the opinion of the web master or the page owners, but is taken from RSS feeds and posted on this site for informational purposes only. These statements are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

We do not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US.CSA). The company and the companies that we market for do grow, sell and distribute industrial hemp based products. We use the following names for informational purposes only, all of which refer to the legal industrial hemp plant: cannabis, canipa, kanipa, kanna, canna, kanabis, marijuana, medical marijuana, hemp, and industrial hemp.

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